HOTEL CLEANING – Room and hotel cleaning is the core task of every hotel service.

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HOUSEKEEPING – Good service and comfort are the most important criteria for every hotel guest when…


MAINTENANCE CLEANING – Your hotel cuts a fine figure from the moment you enter! So that the first impression is right…


KITCHEN CLEANING – We take care of all cleaning work in your kitchen, from regular dishwashing services to basic cleaning.

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WINDOW CLEANING – We take care of all the dirty glass surfaces in your home with foresight. No window is too high…


MATTRESS CLEANING – Mattress cleaning, the first step to healthy sleep.


SPECIAL CLEANING – Special circumstances require special methods.

Specialist for hotel & personnel services

We are there for you reliably and discreetly!


Our staff are not only responsible for checking hotel guests in and out, but also help with their questions and problems. Our staff are deployed for varied and challenging activities in the hotel industry throughout Germany. An important basic requirement is a good command of written and spoken German and at least one foreign language, preferably English. Our employees have experience with common hotel software applications such as

  • Fidelio
  • Protel
  • Hogatex Hotel Software

Our employees must already have professional experience, but can also start as unskilled career changers in one of our crews.

Our guarantee!

In addition, we offer every company the guarantee that we will act immediately and provide new staff in the event of illness or other absences. We make every effort to keep this promise.



Absolute cleanliness should be standard, especially in the kitchen! After all, food is processed here every day and meals are prepared for guests. Rj Facility GmbH also ensures absolute cleanliness here, whether for basic cleaning or dishwashing services.

We cover the peak loads and seasonal fluctuations for you on call.

This means that there are no bottlenecks when it comes to cleanliness in the kitchen – one of the most sensitive areas of any hotel. Kitchen hygiene is particularly important here! This is why experience, precise processes and thorough checks are also required here.

The HACCP concept is our systematic approach in the kitchen area to guarantee the safety of processed food.


It takes a lot of helpers to keep up with your guests‘ wishes. Our houseboy is your man for all occasions and something like the „good soul“ of your hotel. Whether he is helping to welcome guests or running important errands, he will always do so with a smile and thus contribute to the good reputation of your hotel.

  • Errands, driving services, shopping
  • Assistance with the reception of guests
  • Bellboy (information, luggage service, vehicle fleet, etc.)
  • Housekeeping assistant (laundry, ironing, shoes, etc.)
  • Contact person for the small „needs“ of guests
  • Small repairs of all kinds


In addition to the ambience of a hotel, guests always remember good service. We want you to be remembered fondly by your customers! For example, when the evening comes and your hotel room becomes a retreat and a „little home“. Then our courteous turndown service has long since quietly done its job and your guest clearly senses that they are king with you.

  • Prepare rooms and suites for the night
  • Check sanitary facilities and clean or tidy if necessary
  • Replenish snacks and drinks
  • Replace flowers and decorations
  • Draw curtains and prepare beds for a good night’s sleep
  • and much more.
Rj Facility GmbH

We work with a highly qualified team that covers all areas of modern hotel services, building cleaning, limousine and shuttle services. Our team is made up of permanent employees and a pool of flexible staff.

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